Bloom & Grow Garden Party
Bloom & Grow Garden Party
Maria Failla

The Bloom & Grow Garden Society

Where plant enthusiasts achieve thriving plant collections with expert taught education & community

We're here to help you grow a thriving houseplant collection or garden without the stress... and grow more joy in your life while you're at it.

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How do the lectures work?

New recordings get dropped at the beginning of each month. One week after the recording drops, Leslie hosts a Q&A to answer lecture related questions.

Binge the recordings of our previous lectures at your leisure:

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I'm not tech savvy, is this thing hard to navigate?

Figuring out how to navigate the Garden Society is as easy as learning to propagate in water!

We've got tours, tutorials, a Community Manager to troubleshoot with you and a New Member Challenge to ensure you get growing within the platform ASAP. 

Who is running this thing?

Maria Failla

  • Founder of the Bloom & Grow Garden Party Platform and Garden Society

  • Founder of the Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast

  • Author of Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Happiness (and Plants)

  • Your new best plant friend

Maria is the Plant Killer Turned Plant Lady behind the Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast and Media. Bloom & Grow Radio is a planty podcast that educates, empowers and inspires everyone to care for plants successfully, grow their indoor jungles and cultivate more joy in their lives. She is on a mission to make the world a kinder and greener place through the practice of plant care, and is so excited to have the Garden Party and Society as a way to house our incredible community of international listeners who are all on this planty journey together.

After struggling to find high quality, science based plant care education on the internet (and hearing the same woes from my community of listeners) she created the Garden Society as a safe space for our community to deepen their plant care knowledge and take their plant parenthood to the next level.

We all can #keepblooming and #keepgrowing together!

Leslie Halleck

  • Horticulturist in Residence of the Garden Society

  • Degreed & Certified Professional Horticulturist

  • Horticulture Consultant, Educator & Book Author

  • Your new favorite Plant Nerd (and Teacher)

Leslie F. Halleck is a Certified Professional Horticulturist (ASHS) who has spent her nearly-thirty-year career hybridizing horticulture science with home gardening consumer needs. As a green industry communicator, book author, and horticulture instructor, her specialty is digesting horticultural and botanical science and techniques into formats that are friendly, easily understandable, and executable for both the home hobbyist and budding professional.

Halleck earned a BS in Biology/Botany from the University of North Texas and an MS in Horticulture from Michigan State University. Halleck’s professional experience is well rounded, with time spent in botanical field research, public gardens, landscape design and maintenance, garden writing, garden center retail, and horticulture and green industry consulting. At the end of 2012, Halleck devoted herself full-time to running her company, Halleck Horticultural, LLC, a horticulture industry consulting and marketing agency. Halleck is also currently a UCLA Extension Instructor for the Horticulture & Gardening Program.  

Halleck’s previous positions include Director of Horticulture Research at the Dallas Arboretum, and General Manager for North Haven Gardens (IGC) in Dallas, Texas. Halleck is now a regular feature on the professional speaking and industry publication circuit, but she also continues to offer up common-sense gardening advice and hands-on learning to home gardeners via her Plantgeek Chic blog, public workshops, plant swaps, and consumer publications. During her career, Halleck has written hundreds of articles for local, regional, and national publications, as well as taught countless gardening programs for the home houseplant keeper, indoor grower, flower gardener, edible enthusiast, and backyard farmer.

Halleck is the author of several books, including "Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers" (2018) and "Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers" (2019). Her latest book, "Tiny Plants: Discover the joys of growing and collecting itty bitty houseplants" was released in June, 2021

These ladies look fun. 

 Would you rather:

Have a thriving plant collection that you know how to care for (and have the support for when you don’t) 


Keep struggling to keep your current collection alive while searching for answers from unvetted resources

We’ve got your [planty] back. 

Come grow with us!

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