The Bloom & Grow Garden Party

Welcome to the plantiest and kindest corner of the internet - rooted in community, education & joy!

Welcome to the Garden Party, Plant Friend!

If you are a Plant Parent looking to connect with other Plant People to grow your knowledge and cultivate a little more joy in your life...

The Garden Party was made for you

The Bloom and Grow Garden Party is a private community platform and app for our Bloom and Grow Radio Plant Friends: off Facebook, free of frustrating algorithms and internet trolls, filled with plant parents, just like you, who want to grow together.

Make New Plant Friends.

Cultivate Knowledge.

Grow More Joy.

OK but give me the deets, please!

In the Garden Party you'll find:

  • Easy to navigate platform and App (for both iOS and Android) with dedicated conversation topic spaces for all things planty: houseplants, gardening, planty DIY, plants & wellness and so much more
  • Regional groups and the "Plant Friends Near Me" feature to connect with local plant friends and make #plantfriendsIRL
  • A dedicated Plant Swap Space to grow your collection through kindness and generosity!
  • Exclusive resources, community plant care downloads and discounts
  • Support from other like-minded plant parents to connect and swap your planty knowledge with  
  • Security and safety through our Community Guidelines and Best Practices #kindplantfriendsonly #notrollsallowed
  • Relief from being Facebook free with no algorithms or weird targeted ads you don’t want
  • Quarterly community calls with Maria to deepen our virtual connection as a community
  • Weekly prompts to cultivate an engaged community

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced plant parent...

We want you here, growing alongside us, exactly as you are. 

Hosted by your best Plant Friend, Maria

Hey Plant Friend! I'm Maria, the Plant Killer Turned Plant Lady behind the Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast and Youtube Channel. Bloom & Grow Radio is a planty podcast that educates, empowers and inspires everyone to care for plants successfully, grow their indoor jungles and cultivate more joy in their lives. I'm on a mission to make the world a kinder and greener place through the practice of plant care, and am so excited to have the Garden Party as a way to house our incredible community of international listeners who are all on this planty journey together. 

We all can #keepblooming and #keepgrowing together!

After hosting the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast for 4 years and speaking and surveying thousands of listeners, I heard many requests for a safe, Facebook free, app-based space for our community to connect and grow our passion for plants together - so the Garden Party was created! 

My Dream for the Garden Party

For the platform and app to be a safe space for you to ask whatever questions you need to grow, to make true, real connections with other Plant Parents you might never be able to connect with, to be encouraged to try new things, and to feel supported, seen and celebrated, in every step of your planty journey. 

One of my favorite experiences from this entire ride of Plant Parenthood, has been the unbelievable connections with other Plant Parents I've made both virtually and in person. 

I hope this platform helps foster many new connections, that ripple throughout the world, like the web of fungi connecting the trees in the forest, and that the world is a kinder and greener place because of them!

Rooted in Kindness & Community

We are calling it "The Plantiest and Kindest Corner of the Internet" for a reason...

Plant Parenthood is far from perfect

There's a learning curve. Our collections are never as Instagrammable as they seem. But the mistakes, the brown leaves, the knocked over pots... those moments are as important as the new leaves and flowers we love to see. 

Not all plant spaces on the internet are supportive. 

We are creating the kindest corner of the internet where you can both ask the questions you might be embarrassed to ask and proudly share the photos of your new growth or the stories behind your plant collection. 

This is a judgement free zone, where rudeness, know-it-alls who make you feel bad about your currently level of plant expertise, and inappropriate language are not allowed. 

We have community guidelines to help us all joyfully thrive. 

What other Garden Party members are saying....

"A fantastic community with some of the most knowledgeable, nicest folks you'll ever meet"          - Michael

"The Garden Party is a community that was grown just for us. It's a welcoming and warm place for us to learn and grow together, celebrating our wins and fails (learning opportunities)! Since day one, Maria's warmth and openness has cultivated a community of like-minded, Plant People who are instantly welcoming." - Christy

"I love this close-knit community - it definitely feels more personal in a way that other platforms can sometimes lack." - @plantsonpapertowelroll

You're invited.

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